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Maxwell Gold Investigations

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Our specialist and affiliates are carefully chosen to handle complex issues that confront our clients needs.

It is our position to maintain a close personal relationship both with our clients and the members of our investigative team. Three divisions organize our firm:


Attorney/Corporate, Civil and Criminal


 Attorney/Corporate Investigations

Our  Agency caters to attorneys and the corporate world by offering, assets searches and confirmations, money tracing, asset recovery, witness and individual location, background checks, corporate security, expert witness and testimony services. Maxwell Gold can also provide executive protection, and background checks for all of your corporate needs.

Civil Investigations

Maxwell Gold provides civil investigations that allow the legal community to build evidence for their cases through asset investigations, surveillance, counter-espionage methods, background checks and detailed investigations.

Maxwell Gold's team of experts will conduct undercover and video surveillance and will discover information so your clients have the vital information needed to support any position.

Criminal Investigations

Maxwell Gold assists the legal industry with criminal investigations and witness protection. Our team provides computer forensic services, risk assessments, and detailed investigations with compelling evidence to legal teams for their cases.

Contact Maxwell Gold today to learn more about how we can serve you.
Maxwell Gold Investigations


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